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On My Knees in Fascination
by Lauri Gwilt
December 31, 2016 - 10:33am

The wakeup call.

Until it makes its dramatic entrance, our days, months, and even years rhythmically chug along on auto-pilot, each one closely resembling the one before.

And then we get the news.

Time has run out for someone in our circle, something we put our heart and soul into has come to an end, or we’re faced with our own mortality. Suddenly the world around us looks radically different. It’s in these moments we become acutely aware of the small and miraculous around us. Gratitude floods every cell of our bodies for who and what we’ve been given in our lives. Resolutions and new intentions are enthusiastically vowed for the changes we want to make to our story.  And then, like clockwork…time passes, the urgency subsides, and auto-pilot sneakily wiggles its way back in to the driver’s seat.

What if we didn’t need the wakeup call? What if noticing the small and the miraculous, the feelings of profound gratitude, and the passionate setting of new intentions was more of our normal way of being? They're the questions I asked myself eighteen months ago after the passing of my business partner. I did some hard, honest thinking about how I was spending the most precious gift I’ve been given – time.

The questions prompted one thing I knew for absolute certainty - what I do with this gift of time, however much I have, is not only my privilege, but my accountability to make the most of. Being accountable to me means that I make a conscious decision to remain wide awake in terms of how I write my story. I want to slide into home base feeling certain that I played my best game, and that I had a LOT of fun doing it.  

In my quest to create this new normal it was important to me to define where my motivation was coming from. I wanted it to come from a place of enthusiastic, conscious choosing, rather than feeling chased by the grains of sand running through the hourglass.  The result has exceeded my expectations.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle,

the other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

This way of looking at the world has heightened my curiosity. I’m a better listener, which means I’ve met some amazing people in the last eighteen months who have taught me new things about them, myself and the world. I’m far more prepared to be amazed; by people, by moments, and by concepts and ideas that have brought me to my knees in fascination. A true excitement for and about life.

Seeing everything as a miracle may or may not be realistic to expect every single day… but how about most days? 

I vote YES!

* Illustration by Lauri Gwilt


Barb Bozzoon January 1, 2017 - 12:10pm

You ALWAYS seem to address just what I need in the moment in your blogs, Lauri! This has been a year of illness for some of my dear friends and family. Two have approached their situation very differently - one with fear and hopelessness and the other with strength and optimism. The odd thing is that the one with the optimism is the one who's illness is more serious. Her positive outlook and love of life has been a life-changing inspiration for me. Your blog has just reaffirmed the life-lesson of how much our attitude and appreciation of everything in our lives molds our daily living and quality of life. How can we not look at our loved ones and realize that "everything is a miracle" and how very blessed we are to have them in our lives? How can we not look at the beauty in Nature that surrounds us and get that same feeling. Thanks for reminding us that it is our "conscious choice" as to what attitude we bring into each and every moment of each day. It is about time that we "Expect Miracles" and not hope for them! Thanks again for brightening my day and opening my consciousness to broaden my vision so beautifully. Your illustration is fantastic - my inner child/girl is delighted!!

How meaningful to have seen this contrast unfolding around you. Every day is filled with teaching moments if we're awake enough to notice them. Bring on the miracles - the small and the tall - for 2017! I'm ready and it sounds like you are too!! Happy New Year Barbara!!

karenon January 3, 2017 - 5:28am

Your illustration captures your words, your words capture the illustration. A timely reminder to us all to try and look at things differently. Thank you

Thank you for taking a moment to offer your kind and generous words Karen! How we look at ANYTHING is one of the only parts of life within our control. It's always our choice.

René Laueron January 3, 2017 - 8:55am

Excellent blog that absolutely hit the nail on the head. After a near fatal event 3-1/2 years ago I was not allowed to travel (and photograph). It was a dark time for me. What killed me through was writing a daily gratitude journal of the great and more important, the small moments that brought me joy. It became a transformative experience. And as time has passed I realized I needed to start it back up because it trained my brain to look for joy instead of focusing on problems. Thank you!

Thank you for taking a moment or two to offer your story René. I can think of few more important things to train our brains to do than to find the small moments that bring us joy. We humans often allow ourselves to get mired in the problems. We get more of whatever we focus on. Great for you for realizing this was a practice you wanted to keep, without needing a wake-up call to realize it!

julieon January 3, 2017 - 5:58pm

As always, on the mark, Lauri. Beautiful, apt metaphors. Vibrant approach to making the very best of every day life and being present and engaged in each and every moment. You are a joy to know and for all of us that you inspire to be better human beings, thank you.

Thank you so much Julie...for taking the time to offer such wonderfully generous words, and for being one of the bright lights I've always guided my life by. xo

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