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This Too Shall Pass
by Lauri Gwilt
April 1, 2018 - 5:05pm

Gosh darn it, I love a good storm. The first thing I want to do is find my rain gear, grab my camera, and head straight for the beach. There’s something so incredibly invigorating about the power of the wind, sideways rain, and pounding waves.

While photographing storms will be a life-long love, I also like to pause and just stand still in it for a while. I close my eyes, tip my head back and welcome it in with every one of my senses. From the sting on my cheeks from the sideways rain, to the force of the wind that makes me work hard to keep my equilibrium – every part of me feels wonderfully awake and alive.

If I'm lucky, and I hang in there long enough, I get to witness one of the most dramatic scenes unfold in Mother Nature’s breathtaking performance. It’s the moment when the sun breaks through and the rainbow takes centre stage. “WOW!”, I think to myself, “I get a front row seat to this show!”

As I stood at the water’s edge feeling energized and grateful to be part of this particular storm, it occurred to me how differently I have responded to the storms in my life. While rain gear could indeed come in handy when things go sideways, just about the last thing I’m thinking about is grabbing my camera to capture an image of the muck I’m in at that moment. And I definitely don’t tip my head back to welcome it in with every one of my senses. Sure, I close my eyes, but that’s usually a sign that I have no idea what else to do, and rather than standing out in the middle of it I’m thinking about running for cover.

The truth is, though, most of the significant growth opportunities I’ve been given have followed big life storms. It’s the tough stuff that’s forced me to work hard and find my equilibrium. It’s the things that go sideways that tend to shape my character, strengthen me, and teach me how to be resilient. Valuable insights and breakthroughs follow the storms, not when things are smooth sailing.

These days I have a different relationship with life storms. I won't be looking for them necessarily, but instead of using my energies to fight the storms, this new relationship allows me to find ways to welcome, and even celebrate, what I’ll learn from them and appreciate how they will shape me. If I'm open, I can find some good in just about any thing, any person, or any situation.

I like who I become on the other side of life’s storms...when the wind and water calm, and the sun finally breaks through again. It always does.

This too shall pass.


karenon April 2, 2018 - 9:39am

Such a beautifully written piece Lauri.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful ways of helping us to see things just a little differently. 

Thanks so much for not only taking a few moments to read this, Karen, but for offering such an encouraging, kind comment! It fills my cup!

Anonymouson April 2, 2018 - 8:57pm

G... you have often been my equilibrium when things go sideways for me.  Thank You 🙏 


Aw, thank you H. It takes a village...for just about everything and every one of us. You also bring equilibrium to so many, in particular, with your efforts with special needs. I often think about the powerful impact you've had on some very lucky people you've brought into your home. The safety, the consistency, the inclusion, the care. You are their equilibrium, and they won the lottery when you took them by the hand and said, "Come and live here, we'll take care of you." xo    

Barb Bozzoon April 3, 2018 - 6:48pm

It is easy to see the blessings in any of our many life traumas AFTER they they have ripped our lives apart and reminded us that we have the strength and determination to move on, rebuild and embrace our courage, fortitude and resilience!  I have  close family member(s) going through such STORMS and I thank you for reminding us that there is a light that will shine again and life-lessons to be learned that do strengthen our character and make us discover strength inside that we never thought existed!  Bless you, Lauri!  You always seem to know exactly what I need to hear!!  

It's true - so often we see how we've been strengthen and shaped after the storm has passed. I have to say though, the more practice I've had in looking for the good that comes from life's storms, the more I'm able to see the good even while the storm is still happening. The best part about seeing that good is that it fills me with hope, comfort and even more strength for which to navigate the challenging thing. Even if I don't have the ability to change the thing, even if focusing on the good doesn't speed up the duration of the thing, making the parts that are good more dominant in mind allows me to move through it all with a little more grace. Sending you much love and strength as you support those who are in the middle of their storms. 

semanon April 3, 2018 - 8:01pm

great aritcle for one to realize you internal thought and attitude to the outisde of the world , hope to see your more similar psychological story.

Sherrinon April 5, 2018 - 9:25am

Thank you for helping us to remember to receive life storms knowing that this too shall pass! Great advice! 

And they do, they always do. And the coolest part is that if we're still here, then we've survived them all! (with our mouth pressed in the end of an empty paper towel roll..."do-do-do-DOOOOOO!!")

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