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Color and Spirit
by Eric Alan
June 9, 2018 - 7:22am

Spring and summer are a relief and a celebration, their warmth made sweeter by the preceding winter chill. The earth is a vivid painter of warm colors then, its annual masterpiece drawn from a vast universal palette. 

For every color that manifests where any of us can see it, countless other colors burst forth just out of view. There are also countless possible colors not currently in bloom.

So it is with each of us as well. The palette of spirit is as varied and rich as the palette of color. It uniquely manifests in each of us, vibrant and yet only a tiny bit of who we could be and who others are. It’s displayed in endless variations in all life in air, on land, under sea. It’s within that air and land and sea itself. Those elements of spirit and color are living and breathing as we are. 

Color and spirit are inseparable from us. They’re an essential element of our nature, as we’re drawn from the earth’s palette into existence. We share those elements with those who take many forms different than our own. 

Thus I see no line of separation between people and petals and birds and air, when we all come forward with our distinctive spring and summer hues. Our emergence is natural, as bound to happen as the annual rush of wildflowers, timed to happen with the earth is ready and needs us. 

It takes great trust to know that the earth senses—that we sense within ourselves—when the conditions of the moment are right for us to show our truest, deepest colors. It can be a long wait in our winters beforehand, but the seasons themselves have a wisdom of timing. Wisdom too is a part of the greater palette that we can only partially sense. 

I celebrate the knowledge of possibility. Possibility lifts my spirits without need for certainty. It’s fascinating how possibility is enough for hope, for belief, for the energy it takes to move forward through yet another day.

In the end, we each have our own tiny place in the composition of the art of living. Color and spirit only rise through us for so long, and we have no task more vital than to host that beauty, to wear it, to be it—to celebrate it all before it soon moves along. 

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