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by Lauri Gwilt

July 01, 2012

I spend a good part of my life on planes. Because I love what I do, heading out into the world for work is usually an exciting thing. I love the adventure of navigating new situations and meeting new people.

However, there are times when I just don’t feel like boarding another flight that will take me away from the comfort and rhythm of home.

I had one of those days recently. Nothing in… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

June 24, 2012

As the summer light peaks in the Northern Hemisphere, I celebrate the way it creeps in through the forest and my bedroom window before even my earliest waking. I celebrate how it extends the evening until almost when I’m ready to sleep again, lingering like a good friend who just doesn’t want to leave. Most of all, I celebrate the steadiness with which the light arrives. The economy may be tottering, love may disintegrate… READ MORE


by Lynette Sheppard

June 17, 2012

I love air travel.  I particularly love long flights. Okay, I’m not overly fond of the packing and the obsessing and the security lines and the endless crap leading up to the flight. But once I’m in my seat and have snapped the buckle of my seatbelt into place, I am a happy woman.

No one can reach me. No phone, no email, no faxes, no doorbell. Plane flights are a modern day version… READ MORE