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by Lynette Sheppard

May 20, 2012

Variety may well be the spice of life. I’m beginning to think that its kissing cousin, routine, could be a cup of warm cocoa.

I’m a big fan of adventure, surprises, new everything. Variety? Change? Bring it on. Lately, however, I’ve come to a new appreciation of variety’s converse: routine.

So often, routine gets a bad rap. It’s described as constraining, dull, mind numbing.… READ MORE


by Dewitt Jones

May 15, 2012

Making my life my art is a lovely goal but one that's sometimes hard to make real. As a child, I was taught that art is somehow different from the rest of life. Painting, sculpting that's art. Baking, gardening at best, that's craft. Banking and sales that's work.

I was never much of a sculptor, even less of a painter, so very early I put away the notion about being an artist. In college I did get into directing… READ MORE


by Dewitt Jones

May 04, 2012

I sat on that hillside as the sun slipped into the Pacific. The lagoon far below in the foreground; the Point of Point Reyes jutting out into the ocean. Yellows and umbers, blacks and siennas, beauty beyond measure. My heart was pounding even more than it had been on the hike up. Sheer joy.

Could I BE like the sunset? Could I put out the very best I had every day without any regard to whether it was received or not… READ MORE