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by Tania Carriere

February 08, 2015

I had just walked by the church in Kilkenny, Ireland when a huge wedding party burst out onto the street; the energy was electric and the colour of the dresses even more so. Kisses, hugs, laughter, frantic photographers, restless toddlers and rowdy teenagers all emerged, swathed in the colours of candy floss - fuchsia, turquoise, tangerine and lavender. I stopped to watch, happy to celebrate in the new couple’s moment.… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

February 01, 2015

So often what appears miraculous is only the result of simple, humble actions taken with persistent focus. Yet maybe it is a miracle that so much of what we create--from relationships to careers to acts of service--can be achieved with little beyond that loving diligence.

I thought about this recently as I remembered walking along the malecón--the seaside walk--in the city of La Paz, in Baja California, on… READ MORE


by Dewitt Jones

January 24, 2015

After spending ten years studying American business, Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence , wrote that the only thing he could conclude with complete certainty was that “...unintended consequences were more prevalent that intended consequences.”  Business then, emulates life and life, photography. They’re all filled with unintended consequences. Whether that’s a problem or an opportunity depends on how you look at… READ MORE