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by Dewitt Jones

November 29, 2014

I dangle my hand over the side of the boat and touch it to the calm cold water. Instantly a small wake trails off to the downstream side of my fingers, clear evidence of the river's unseen current. For 6 days now, we have been running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in wooden dories.  Besides the crew, there are 12 photographers on the trip, all participants in a seminar which I am… READ MORE

by Lauri Gwilt

November 23, 2014

Earlier this year I wholeheartedly dipped my toe into the waters of my fifth decade, bringing with it an internal shift that I've been hearing about for years from those who have gone before me.  It's a, "good-in-my-own-skin" kind of shift that I'm beginning to understand really does change the rules of the game.

You know the game as well as I do. It's the one our culture has taught us every single day of our lives… READ MORE


by Lynette Sheppard

November 16, 2014

“Are you just going to sit around and do nothing all day?” “Don’t waste your whole weekend.” “You can’t lie around with your nose in a book all day.” “You’ve got your head in the clouds.”

I’m not entirely sure when the outer voices of my childhood morphed into internal voices. It was a subtle happenstance to be sure. Parents, teachers, even society itself urged productivity, efficiency, and accomplishment. I got… READ MORE