by Eric Alan

August 17, 2014


Nothing refreshes me more in summer than finding a good flowing creek in which to dip my feet. It isn’t just my feet that reap the benefits of the cool and clear water: my entire body feels the enlivening, as the coolness travels up through my system, and into the depths of my very soul.


With my feet in the creek, my thoughts run clearly as well. I remember how little time we spend with our feet… READ MORE


by Lauri Gwilt

August 09, 2014

There are few places where my mind is as free as when we're out on the water. With the glorious hum of the Johnson outboard filling my ears, I get pulled by the power of the setting sun. I lift my chin, close my eyes, and allow the intoxicating ocean air to wash over me, cleansing my muddy mind of the million and three details swirling around my head.

While this is enough in and of itself, there is another, more… READ MORE


by Dewitt Jones

August 04, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words. No doubt. There are times, however, when a few well chosen words can sharpen the focus of a good photograph or a photographic experience till it almost aches with clarity. 
I have had many experiences while photographing that have moved me deeply, some that have even changed my life. Often, however, the photographs from these… READ MORE