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by Eric Alan

November 09, 2014

My fall calendar fills with appointments and workdays, responsibilities and joys. The sheer momentum of modern life is as powerful and unstoppable as that of a great river, and sometimes I watch it with the same kind of humbled silence. What life force is behind that relentless momentum, so insistently moving our days forward? Somehow in the details of my own full calendar, I see the reflection of something far… READ MORE


by Dewitt Jones

November 02, 2014

“What am I looking at?” Have you ever had the experience when you stare at a landscape and it’s just so huge, so awesome, so magical that, just for a moment, you have no idea what you are seeing? Just for a moment, you lose the tether of trees and rock and sky and clouds and what’s before you dissolves into one big, “WOW!” 
I hope a few of you are saying yes to this. It… READ MORE

by Lauri Gwilt

October 26, 2014

Sometimes 'what's right with the world' rises up and out of the ashes of what's wrong, and it happened earlier this month in Alberta, Canada.

Someone broke into the locker of a grade eleven student and used her iPad to post the most hateful words imaginable to her Facebook status. Thankfully, Caitlin possesses enough 'internal rebar' to not sanction such unthinkable words. In fact, she did more than just reject and… READ MORE