Blog | Celebrate What's Right With the World


by Lauri Gwilt

October 26, 2014

Sometimes 'what's right with the world' rises up and out of the ashes of what's wrong, and it happened earlier this month in Alberta, Canada.

Someone broke into the locker of a grade eleven student and used her iPad to post the most hateful words imaginable to her Facebook status. Thankfully, Caitlin possesses enough 'internal rebar' to not sanction such unthinkable words. In fact, she did more than just reject and… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

October 19, 2014

The red of the Vermont maple at the beginning of October is a colour that is uniquely soul stirring; it catches my breath. I sit and gaze at the colour, trying to pull it into my memory, to save it somewhere to warm up the eventual cold winter days that are to come. I’m in the midst of the autumn forest, quietly in meditation pose. Feeling my appreciation of beauty rise to fullness and spill to overflowing….abundance. And… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

October 12, 2014


Rosa Parks still sits on a bus bench every day at the station near where I work, decades after her role in the civil rights movement immortalized her. She's cast in bronze, near where others in the flesh await their mass transit ride. Her sculptor left space for others to sit next to her, and people of all shapes, colors, beliefs and attitudes sit beside her daily, without asking her to give up her seat. Few give… READ MORE