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by Lauri Gwilt

January 18, 2015

At first glance we might feel sorry for this babe in the woods I encountered out my front door. Of all the places he could have landed he ended up in this tiny, unfortunate spot, surrounded by nothing but restriction and limitation. But you and I have been on this planet long enough to know how the story will play out for this little guy.

The law of nature is on its side. Slowly but surely it’s growing stronger and… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

January 11, 2015

I don’t remember the moment when I hatched the idea, but at some point I bought a huge box of Santa chocolates. I was lost in my holiday planning lists and worries about the forecast for freezing rain and the innumerable things that would need to go “right” to get to my sister’s in California in the wee hours of Christmas morning.

The last thing into my carryon were the 24 Santas. I packed them thinking of the… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

January 04, 2015

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day feels like the pause between breaths; I use that pause to check my life’s compass. In what ways do I need to steer to keep my life on course?

I no longer list resolutions that will make me feel inadequate by February. I still fiercely seek growth and new horizons, but lately my strategy is different.

What you water, grows. To grow what’s right in my life, then, I… READ MORE