by Tania Carriere

September 09, 2017

Look at those little feet just curled up against me, head back, eyes closed, arms raised, fluffy tummy ready for a warm hand. That’s Casanova. He is in a moment of Bliss.

And look at me. I am in my own moment of Bliss. You can see it. At least I think you can. The fire was warm, we were having a lazy cuddle in the middle of a nice long visit in San Clemente, CA, when my friend Kim grabbed the camera and caught this… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

August 26, 2017

Somewhere under my feet on the sculptural slickrock and sand of Arches National Park are Edward Abbey’s footprints. I know this not because I see them, but because the ink marks of his pen have proven more indelible. In his classic Desert Solitaire, he speaks in detail of the trails I wander sixty years later. 


Abbey was a park ranger at Arches in 1956-57, when he was often the only one on the job… READ MORE


by Lauri Gwilt

August 17, 2017

“Come on Dewitt, what’s here to celebrate?”

It’s a simple question Dewitt asks in his film, Celebrate What’s Right with the World. When I began asking the question for myself, I discovered that it may indeed be simple, but it’s impact is game changing.

It’s an encouraging question that nudges me to go beyond just looking at what’s around me. It coaches me to see… READ MORE