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by Lauri Gwilt

April 01, 2018

Gosh darn it, I love a good storm. The first thing I want to do is find my rain gear, grab my camera, and head straight for the beach. There’s something so incredibly invigorating about the power of the wind, sideways rain, and pounding waves.

While photographing storms will… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

March 25, 2018

When this question first wormed into my subconscious either I didn’t notice it or I refused to recognize it. The second time, I rudely shoved it away and then I ignored it. The third time, I turned my back on it and put a little more effort into the omelet I was… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

March 17, 2018

As the sun reappears from behind the last clouds of this year’s strongest storm, the contrast deepens the beauty of snow and sky. I celebrate both, and feel grateful for the way that storms of all forms someday resolve and move on.

That contrast reminds me of how true that is in the events of our lives, as well. Even in the midst of these difficult days, I celebrate the strange alchemy through which some of our… READ MORE