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by Tania Carriere

October 07, 2017

My first thought was “wow – look at what nature left behind – a heart to remind me that love is everywhere”. Yes, I am the kind of person that sees what could be magical before she sees what is logical, and it immediately put something lighter in my step. 

And then I realized that something much more glorious had happened. It wasn’t some natural phenomenon, but rather some human, sitting in a moment of… desolation?… READ MORE


by Russell Adcox

October 01, 2017

Conversation…it sometimes seems like a dying art.  I often think it is dying a slow death at the hands of iPhones and tablets and digital streams of communication.  Simple human interaction seems as though it is slowly being typed out of existence, two thumbs at a time.  In an effort to combat this in our own home, we decided to set aside certain dinner nights as “unplugged”, which means the TV is turned off and no… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

September 23, 2017

I was born a thousand miles from home. That persistent feeling has been with me since… well, since I can first remember, as a kid growing up in suburban Los Angeles, doing a Sierra Club jigsaw puzzle of the redwoods. I felt instinctive kinship with the pictured trees. 

It took me until my thirties before I moved far enough north to feel I was finally home, in Oregon. Twenty-five years later, I still feel that way.… READ MORE