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by Lauri Gwilt

December 15, 2012

It’s not surprising this treasured piece of paper is showing signs of wear and tear; I’ve carried it with me for every single one of the last 3,650 days. It’s been for a good reason - because each square contains a detail of how I want my life to unfold.

Ten years ago I folded this now faded yellow piece of paper in half four times to create sixteen squares on each side. Ever so slowly and methodically the squares… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

December 09, 2012

December, and the wheels of commerce turn alongside the expressions of spirit. Songs of devotion are repurposed as shopping mall commercials. The beauty of holiday lights becomes a blur of tracers as the days rush by. The gift-giving tradition is equally mixed, with joy and giving tugged at by expense and expectation. Even the core values of love and family get knotted up, inside the places where relationships are broken… READ MORE


by Lynette Sheppard

December 03, 2012

I don’t have grandchildren yet. And while I love, love, love the holidays, I also dread, dread, dread the busyness of the season. (Which seems to happen earlier each year or is this just my imagination?)

Dread hardly seems to have anything to do with celebration. I began to question my approach to “celebrating” the holidays. Why do I get myself all worked up and frantic carrying out the mandatory rituals every… READ MORE