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by Eric Alan

August 19, 2012

As another birthday arrives in my world, I recall a hike I took in spring, with the trilliums fading from white to purple, wearing the color with the grace of an aging lady. “When I am old I shall wear purple…” Jenny Joseph’s famed poetic line about elderly freedom of expression came to mind, applying as much to trilliums as humanity. Through the trilliums, the land spoke to me: Take comfort: your life may finish with… READ MORE


by Lynette Sheppard

August 12, 2012

The Olympics never fail to make me cry. All right, most of the time, I’m a blubbering mess in front of the television. Watching young athletes push themselves to be their best gets me, but even more when they shore up their fellow and sister athletes? That really gets to me.

Still, the most moving moment of these Olympics had nothing to do with winning or consoling. A female archer from Bhutan was… READ MORE


by Dewitt Jones

August 05, 2012

My friend Dan Burrus lectures to corporations about what he calls “Future View” the idea that the vision we have for today goes a long way in determining what our world will look like. I agree, but knowing the truth of a statement and actually living it day to day are two very different things. My own moods can go up and down like the stock market and, although I like to think my general trend is in a positive direction,… READ MORE