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by Lynette Sheppard

November 04, 2012

Recently there have been a rash of articles about FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. Apparently this phenomenon is epidemic since our uber connectivity through social media. We monitor our friends’ activity and fear that we are missing out when we aren’t doing, seeing, living the same cool experiences they are posting. Our business and personal life does not measure up to what we see online and we feel anxious, stressed, and… READ MORE


by Lauri Gwilt

October 21, 2012

“If you do it right, you’ll love where you are.”

“Sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part.”

These words, which are actually lyrics from a song, have been playing over and over in my head for weeks, and I love what I’m learning from these messages.

For the last nine years I have escaped routine and responsibility, along with eight of my women friends, for a weekend… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

October 14, 2012

Reflections have long been a visual fascination for me, as a photographer, because of the way they transform and deepen color. Water takes the colors it’s given and frees something from within them, much as a sculptor frees a figure from the stone. Colors in water are no longer held rigid by the form of their object: red leaves merge into yellow and green, shapes become fluid and dance with the shifts of the current and… READ MORE