Blog | Celebrate What's Right With the World


by Dewitt Jones

August 05, 2012

My friend Dan Burrus lectures to corporations about what he calls “Future View” the idea that the vision we have for today goes a long way in determining what our world will look like. I agree, but knowing the truth of a statement and actually living it day to day are two very different things. My own moods can go up and down like the stock market and, although I like to think my general trend is in a positive direction,… READ MORE


by Lauri Gwilt

July 29, 2012

“Come on Dewitt, what’s here to celebrate?”

This one little question that Dewitt asks in the film, Celebrate What’s Right with the World, has had such a huge impact on my life.

The practice of asking myself this question has allowed me to connect with, and see, the world in ways I believe I would have missed otherwise. It wakes me up from being internally focused, to being… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

July 21, 2012

Whenever the world and its challenges simply seem too large, too heavy to lift, I’ve learned what to do: I look at something extremely small. This flower, for instance, in the meadows near my home, which I found on a difficult day. As soon as I absorbed myself in the details of its pink folds, the day’s pains and troubles began to fade in face of the flower’s beauty. I looked even closer, seeing the yellow ring at the… READ MORE