Jennifer Schooley | Celebrate What's Right With the World

Jennifer Schooley

One of the wonderful things about climbing Half Dome were the people we met. Each of us had a goal to reach the top - gender, age, color - even language barrier - was set aside. We were humans with a common goal and everyone did all they could to see to it that those around them kept trying -- "You're doing great!" "Here, put your foot here...." "You're over the worst of it..." "You're almost there!" "You'll make it....." Strangers.... but no group could be more focused in one unified objective, each helping the other, every one who made the top was celebrated by those around them. High fives.... Yelps of success... All were greeted by cheers from friends never met before and would probably never be seen again. Humanity pulling together.... it happens every day on a mountain called Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.