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Jerry Daniel

"Holding Fast!" I saw this scene while hiking and crossing a bridge. The nuts and bolts were securing a large, thick metal plate joining the two opposing hand rails meeting in the middle of the bridge's span. In addition to the interesting pattern and perspective of the nuts and bolts, I loved the rust, illuminated by the late afternoon "golden hour" sun! I also loved the symbolism of holding on, and the older English concept of "holding fast", through all the seasons and the storms of life, day in and day out! I was also reminded how there wasn't just one nut and bolt, because the "weight" of their purpose was more than just one nut and bolt could handle! Likewise, living out the purpose of our lives is too weighty to be done alone! We need each other to help "bear up" under the "weight" of living and I am grateful for my close friends/family who, together, are HOLDING FAST!