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Dee Kotaska

My wonderful inspiring mother turned 100 today. What an incredible lady!! She played the organ at her party today. She also wrote what it means to be 100. Here it is her perspective on turning 100.

What it means to be 100 by Alice Kotaska

Wow! A centurion - 100 years! Awesome, remarkable , and a great blessing.

Many people have asked me what I did. Coffee - exclaimed a man who overheard me say that I don't drink coffee. Blueberries -brain food, so says the news. It is my favorite breakfast fruit. Oh well, I say good clean living, hard work, a lot of walking, don't worry, trust and have faith in God and his will, and live one day at a time.

We start out life as an infant. Usually in a year we take one step and then another. Soon we are walking our stairway to heaven. I consider one step as a year of my life.

Yes, I am now a the top of step 100. As I look down, I wonder did I really make it up all these steps? As I turn and look upward, I see God's heaven in the distance. Wondering if God will ask me to climb more steps. Only time will tell - one day at a time.

What does it mean to be 100? Learn to slow down, take it easy, graciously accept assistance when needed, and accept changes in lifestyle. I've so often heard, "It's tough to get old." Probably so, but I find it has blessings too. As the doctor says, your heart and body are as old as you are. Pain - it's a life long ailment and up to us as to how we deal with it. Pain and prayer go together. I'm thankful for all my blessings to be able to see and hear my family and use my fingers. I enjoy my typewriter, my walker helps me get around, and my recliner is my haven for rests and naps. I love Wii bowling, playing pinochle and other games, going to Mass, being with family, relatives, and friends and doing some traveling.

I also enjoy listening to the Minnesota Twins baseball games and attending one game each year. Plans are for attending one in August. Thank you and God Bless. Alice Kotaska. Bismarck ND.