Eric Alan

As an author, photographer, lyricist, broadcaster, workshop and meditation leader, Eric Alan has spent a career celebrating what’s right with the world. His nationally recognized books Wild Grace: Nature as a Spiritual Path and Grace and Tranquility celebrate the beauty and practical wisdom of nature, even in the most urban places, and our ability to find peace within modern chaos. Themes from the books have been transformed into a musical celebration with international recording artists Gypsy Soul, and have inspired workshops and meditation retreats on the reintegration of nature into daily life. He’s also celebrated the rare triumph of selfless human spirit and unity over ego and money in baseball in the book This Is Our Time!, co-written with Major League Baseball’s Chris Haft. And he celebrates music, art and culture via his daily radio program Living Large, broadcast through a network of stations centered at KLCC-FM in Eugene, Oregon. Get more information about his creative works at