A time to own your wisdom.
A time to choose how you show up
And to fall in love with who you see.
If Not Now, When?
- Tania


This retreat is the deep breath that comes between who you were and who you are becoming. 

A deliberate pause  - answer the questions - What is the elusive thing you dare to reach for, or finally let go of? 

If not now, when?

Come and slow down, breathe the morning sun, be authentic, celebrate and connect to who you know yourself to be. Stand chin lifted, heart full and passion stirred, ready for your next chapter.


  • You are successful. You've achieved, you've made changes, you are independent, but you hear a voice that asks, "What next"?
  • You need a place to recharge and hear yourself think without rushing to the next thing. It is time to pause and rebalance.
  • You deserve to reestablish yourself in the driver’s seat of your life. You are determined to become the person you are meant to be instead of wrestling with the pressure of being who you "should" be.
  • You have read about authenticity, happiness, and personal power. Now you want to make it real within yourself.
  • You want to connect with others in a transformative experience that respects your unique and powerful self.
  • You have learned that beauty, joy and self come with the depths of heartache, the sweat of achievement and the mysterious 10 pounds that just creeped in.
  • You are going to stop apologizing for not being what others expected and start being gloriously, unapologetically YOU.
  • You want to own your wisdom and your beauty because… 


what we will explore

Claim Wisdom:  What do you know to be true? Wouldn’t you like to be the author of your own manifesto, so that you’re living the life that’s right for YOU, not someone else?

Break the Rules:There is a web of rules and beliefs that ensnares each of us and shapes who we allow ourselves to be. The “shoulds”, the patterns, the “supposed to be” and the “because it is always that way”. Set your own guidelines. Play by your own rules, or just get rid of them entirely. 

Re-imagine Yourself: Take ownership of beauty, ageing, power and anything else that is currently defined by someone else. Be daring enough to truly see yourself, finally accept that you are enough, bear witness to the courage of your vulnerability, and be your biggest fan. Your happiness is about living authentically and fully.

Declare your gifts: Life is about finding the courage to live true to your passion, your purpose and your gifts. Know them. Celebrate them. Share them. Live your best life.

Own it: Boldly take hold of whatever it is that you secretly fear you may never step into or you may never let go of. Seriously, what ARE you waiting for? NOW IS THE TIME.


HAWAII, OCT 28 - NOV 4, 2017


what will i do on the retreat?

Every journey is carefully crafted from exploration to re-invigoration. It is always tailored to you.

Retreat Days

Your retreat days will mingle reflection and discovery activities, small group discussions, interactive group explorations or short training components balanced with plenty of time for rejuvenation, exploration, play and relaxation. Each agenda is tweaked to reflect the group and the conversation that emerges. 

Each day on the retreat you will have:

  • At least 5 hours in group learning, it may be doing exploratory exercises, partner work, short training components, games, experiments.
  • Time to play and enjoy the wonders of Molokai, at the beach or on a hike, with others or in solitude.
  • Guided personal reflection time, to integrate your experiences and to bring a new you into the next day.
  • Connection and community time. Some of the greatest gifts come from one another and the wisdom that each of you holds.
  • Hula and photography as your creative outlets. (see below)
  • Access to Tania for a private coaching.
  • 3 wonderful meals a day. We eat together, we laugh together.
  • Lots of sleep!

Tania Carriere

With over 20 years designing unique, bespoke experiences for individuals and groups, Tania Carriere leans on her background in psychology, coaching, personal transformation, theatre, travel and dance to create fully integrated mind-body- spirit experiences. She also blogs at Celebrate What’s Right and is always contemplating the next adventure. More about Tania

the creative process

Accessing your creative self -insights come when we look at life through different lenses.

The Photographer's Eye

The most beautiful moment I experience with my clients is seeing their faces transform in the light of a new awakening or awareness. When I shared this with my friend, colleague (and National Geographic photographer!) Dewitt Jones, he said, “let me capture that for you”.

When Dewitt photographs Hawaiian waves in their glory, he asks nothing of them, but waits to witness their expressions and in a split second, grabs their essence.

I have invited him to come and capture your essence. In a photojounalistic style, Dewitt’s honouring work will be the basis for a new reflection on how you see yourself; what stories you tell yourself about who you should be and what exhausting standards you live up to. We’ll watch that shift as you connect to the wisdom that you hold and you intentionally choose to redefine beauty by your own standards.

You'll leave with  a personal, tangible portfolio of your wisdom and your experience.




Dewitt Jones is one of America’s top professional photographers. Twenty years with National Geographic photographing stories around the globe has earned him the reputation as a world-class photojournalist. As a motion picture director, he had two documentary films nominated for Academy Awards before he was thirty. He leads the “Celebrate What’s Right” movement, inviting all to see from a place of abundance and joy. 

The Hula Expression

Hula’s fluid movements are a meditation in flow and expression. We will use this ancient storytelling dance as our practice to step into the exploration of how we dance our lives. As we end our days with sunset Hula, we explore ourselves in presence and authenticity. 

Guided by Lynette Shepherd, we will create our own mindfulness practice to celebrate the discoveries we have made. The practice of Hula helps integrate your learning and your transformation so that it becomes  a part of your daily mindfulness practice once you return home.



Author of “Becoming a Menopause Goddess”, Lynette Sheppard has hosted the popular Menopause Goddess Blog for the past 15 years. This virtual community brings women together to share wisdom, humor and heart about Menopause, Ageing Gracefully and Second Adulthood.

The sacred dance of Hula has served as a wellspring for Lynette. On Molokai, the birthplace of Hula, she will joyfully share the graceful movement, culture and life lessons.

Lynette writes for several websites among them Vibrant Nation, Empowher and Celebrate What’s right. She has served as the Menopause Examiner for and the Menopause Health Maven for



Women who are the creative visionaries of their own life, who feel the calling to transform and reclaim their guiding power and purpose. This is a wonderful opportunity to come solo, or to experience with a friend, sibling, or someone else who is important to your journey. This is not for those who have not already explored “the shit” that they have packed away. Oh sure, we all have some leftover baggage…but this is carry-on luggage only. This is not therapy. This is a coming of age. This is a rite of passage. This is for the bold and delighted.


Hui Ho’olana is a private retreat centre reserved for the exclusive use of this Advivum Journeys retreat. Ho'olana means "to encourage, to float, to bring back into balance”. Our time in community lodges will provide a beautiful backdrop for your explorations.  A long walk on the grounds and a hot bath in one of the claw foot tubs under the stars is not to be missed. Find out more..


Registration - US$5300

Early Bird Registration - US$4200 (Before April 30th, while spaces last).

Your deposit of 50% will be required upon acceptance into the program in order to hold your spot. Balance is due two months prior to the retreat. This is an intimate retreat with limited enrolment that includes all meals, accommodations and coaching. That means that we cannot accommodate deposit refunds. However, if something comes up and you cannot attend, we will do our best to help you find someone to fill your spot.

Note: these are shared accommodations, which I believe is a wonderful way to enhance your experience with a friend – old or new and is an intentional aspect of the retreat design. For those who really want their own space, there are a limited number of Single Occupancy options available for an additional fee of US$500


  • 5 days of workshops (at least 5 hours a day) interspersed with tranquil time to relax and explore private access to Molokai Island, including the increadible beaches, hikes, and views.
  • 7 nights accommodation in the lodges at Hui Ho'olana, 63 acres of Hawaiian glory, reserved exclusively for our retreat.
  • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with Tania (one during the retreat and one afterwards)
  • All gourmet meals, prepared fresh daily by our own private chef: vegetarian friendly breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, with plenty of snacks and treats to keep you happy.
  • Photo journal of your experience by acclaimed National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones. Each person receives a folio of their wisdom writing, their photos and videos. A talisman, a trophy, a talk piece, a treasure…you choose what to do with it.
  • Hula instruction, yoga, meditation, relaxation, journaling and beach time. Additional options for onsite massage available.
  • monthly e-workbooks to prepare you for your journey
  • Cultural surprises to make your island stay truly Hawaiian
  • Transfers to and from Molokai airport or ferry to retreat centre
  • Post retreat community connection and virtual support to keep you living your discoveries


HAWAII, OCT 28 - NOV 4, 2017


Why Moloka’i?
Step onto a land that is blessed in sunshine and a natural time. Molokai is known for its tranquility and unspoiled natural wonders. You will find yourself in a timeless moment. There are no stoplights, fast food restaurants or gyms but plenty of waves, beaches and scenic hikes. Pure Hawaiian living and a chance to disconnect and give yourself a well-deserved pause from your daily routine.


The best way to get to Molokai is via local air carriers such as Mokulele and Ohana (part of Hawaiian Airlines) from Oahu’s Honolulu International Airport Commuter Terminal (HNL) to Molokai Airport (MKK).  

We will have transportation arranged at set times, to and from the airport. Anything outside of these arranged times will need to be coordinated by you, though if we can accommodate you, we certainly will.


Personal Leadership - the most effective leaders have a personal power that inspires us to listen, to aspire, to move towards. I believe it comes in part from a conviction of their values and an authenticity in their presence that immediately creates trust, alliance and good will. Authentic presence comes from a deep knowing and connection with one's wisdom, beliefs and will. Equally it involves the courageous acknowledgement of limiting beliefs and the willingness to accept and show vulnerability while exhibiting emotional and relationship intelligence. Effective leaders are willing to take a stand, lead a direction, inspire others to stretch, take risks, live boldly.

This retreat is designed to help leaders strengthen their self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy. Leaning in with conviction to the values and beliefs that are at the foundation of their leadership styles, attendees will gain greater autonomy (ownership of choice) and willingness to set and lead direction. With greater personal confidence and conviction, leaders are able to better communicate with intention, influence and impact. Personal leadership should be the foundation of any leadership development initiative. Fully expressed, authentic leaders are critical to a strong, engaged and integrated team and the pursuit of any vision.  

Travel changes the canvas on which you see your story

— Tania