Choose What We See
by Lauri Gwilt
May 4, 2012 - 2:32pm

How do we get ourselves into a state of celebration every day?

For me it’s something I’ve had to continually practice for it to become part of my everyday life – I’m still practicing, and probably always will.

It’s easy for me to celebrate when something wonderful happens. And as I age, I've noticed that it's also become easy to celebrate following something bad happening – as if the difficult situation provides me with a new lens to look at the world through – a lens that allows me to more easily see the things in my life that I have to be grateful for. Most of us have personally experienced this, or have known someone who appreciates their lives much more following a personal challenge.

But what if daily celebration didn’t require a big life event, good or bad, for us to look at our lives through a lens of celebration? What if we didn’t have to wait for our day to become our version of ‘perfect’, before we allowed ourselves to celebrate what’s right with it?

These are questions I continue ask myself - and as I explore the answers I see more clearly how important it is to make a conscious, intentional decision to practice looking for what is right in my day, otherwise the things that are wrong with it could dominate my attention. Our culture, particularly the media, has taught me how to do that very well!

It’s not about ignoring the negative – the reality is that both positive and negative exist every day, and it’s important to acknowledge both, otherwise we won’t see the things we need to fix or improve.

For me it‘s about making a shift in perspective in terms of which lens I to give more of my energy to; the positive, or the negative. It comes down to a simple question, “which lens feels better?”

The answer is just as simple. I have a choice - and when I intentionally choose to find and celebrate what's right, I’m a happier person.

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