Coffee Break Connection Challenge | Celebrate What's Right With the World
Coffee Break Connection Challenge
by Tania Carriere
March 22, 2020 - 10:20am

Now is a time to build connection with one another.

Suddenly, many of us are experiencing a heightened sense of isolation and stress. 
While social distancing is a critical health measure at this time, it is important to remember that it is meant to insist on a geographical distance between us, not an emotional distance. As humans we are hardwired for connection, we are meant to live in community, we have an important psychological need to feel like we are a part of one another. 

Because joy, compassion, connection, and love are contagions that we do want to transmit, I’m regularly posting virtual coffee breaks for connection, an exercise that you can complete with colleagues and friends that will offer you new ways of creating connection in the time it takes to drink a Latte. Research shows the power of collective restoration; when we socialize, exchange stories, and celebrate one another, we increase our productivity and our wellbeing.
Now more than ever we need to celebrate what’s right with the world. 

If you would like to receive these experiments and see the videos, you can find them on FACEBOOK: 



Create connection by sending a love message to everyone walking by! It creates a sense of belonging which happens when we know we are not alone and we share a common experience. Post something up in your window, or chalk something on the sidewalk and send me a photo or post your photo on our Facebook post.

Minimize your interactions, but maximize your connections!

In Celebration, 





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