by Eric Alan

November 14, 2020

Trails have living soul, as much as any human or other wild creature. Paths develop spirit over time as travelers walk them. So it’s my prayer as well as my pause, to seek insight via trails new to me. It’s become my Sunday practice to take a day of rest through outdoor exploration. It’s a practice of faith as much as any spiritual service.


On the Sunday morning that’s the first of November, the turning… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

November 01, 2020

I feel I’ve done something wrong.

My normal response to most questions - celebrating the holidays?... ...shall we go for a walk tomorrow? the business hanging in there?... is a quick scan and a definitive answer. 

These days however, I am heard uttering uncertainty. 

I don’t know” is a definite blip in the system. 

The reverberations fill me with… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

October 10, 2020

Another simple day where presence is precious. Mike and I can tomatoes, make applesauce, and stare with wonder at the deep, persistent beauty of the McKenzie River as it rushes by his cabin, while waiting for our next canning step. With quiet awe, we appreciate the grace of the river that never ceases. We appreciate the moment of friendship too; the taste of fresh warm Gravenstein applesauce, before it’s even cooled or… READ MORE