by Eric Alan

January 08, 2022

The end and beginning of old year and new have been marked by a series of deep storms, reminding me of the close connection between water and abundance. Here in the woods, there’s a direct link between our well-being and that of the rivers and creeks. When the rains come, the rivers rise, the land thrives, our well is full and fresh, we have fleeting respite from wildfire risk. I’m grateful for liquid abundance at the end… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

December 10, 2021

Our society looks as fractured as an old sidewalk, to me. The cracks and buckling beneath our feet have lately become severe, and we the people often reflect that. We mirror our conditions.


When stress fractures appear to run through everything, I’ve learned to do something simple to regain perspective on wholeness: I look up. Beyond pains and branches and buildings and doubts, there are no cracks in the… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

November 27, 2021

The street is deserted, I cannot see anyone.

Sure it is off season, but still, where are all the French?

I have wondered this for the last few days, stepping out of my little apartment for a quick break, a few minutes after the noon bells, and am greeted by closed shutters and empty laneways. The shops are dark, I save my errands for the next day.

I am confused. I am here in the small villages of… READ MORE