by Tania Carriere

April 25, 2021

I love how audacious spring is. No matter the harsh season that preceded, one day, it suddenly, unabashedly, tumbles forward, with tender shoots of possibility; hope personified. It never looks back, and it never holds back.

We are in that liminal space between winter chill and summer heat, between lockdown and vaccines, between pivoting and landing. I’m walking in the tender green that is unfolding… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

April 10, 2021

A sense of being home often settles as dust does. It may land imperceptibly, though its accumulation is gently relentless. One day you may wake up to realize that where you once simply stayed is now where you truly belong. If fortune and choices have both been good, it’s a settling to celebrate. It’s another marker of time’s reliable passage. Time too is gently relentless in its settling and accumulation.



by Tania Carriere

March 27, 2021

Rain boots make me think of my little brother.

He lived his 4th year in a little pair of blue rain boots - they were offset by a bright red cape and a part of his Superman identity - worn at all times except the bathtub. 

They made him invincible... to the rain, to the puddles, to the rules that prohibit fun and abandon.

They have the magic ability to turn “bad weather”… READ MORE