by Tania Carriere

September 19, 2021

It is time to move into the big wicker chairs in the screened-in porch, a wave of intertwined calm and energy signals that it is time to write.

I scoop up the cat, my constant companion and we make our way into the next part of the day. I am fascinated by this new routine here at the cottage. It has emerged as clear and delineated as any of my work agendas, with one huge exception. 

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by Eric Alan

September 12, 2021

I didn’t ask for directions as I drove to town, nor did I seek a metaphor in the roadway. I only sought missing bank statements, and peaches from the farm stand.


However, I quickly discovered the urgency of ignoring new arrows on the freshly repaved road. Their dangerous insistence that cars turn right from the center lane was amusing, but alarming. Someone didn’t pay attention to their vital job.


by Eric Alan

August 14, 2021

Summer heat is an evolving animal. In Oregon, we used to celebrate July 4th by declaring our independence from the drizzle that annually lasted until then. Now, we entrench our fire perimeters, pack our “go bags,” and warily scan the horizon for sudden smoke. It is inarguably different. The vast swaths of drying, dying fir trees affirm our perceptions of burning change.


The rivers persist, however. They… READ MORE