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by Eric Alan

September 22, 2019

Six decades ago, I was born. Like most things I’ve done, it was nothing I intended to do. It was simply a small miracle that happened, made from love and spirit existent before me.


In the sixty years since, I’ve heard many stories about time’s acceleration with aging. I was told I’d travel from zero to sixty faster than a race car. That life is more fleeting than I’d even notice. That our young years are… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

September 08, 2019

I did it!!


I am following the advice of my best friend (who is also… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

August 25, 2019

For years I’ve gotten calls and texts for someone named “Frank.” I’ve spent quality time explaining that I’m not him. I even had a surreal disagreement with one caller, who believed I was not being frank about not being Frank. Apparently my number is on a website somewhere as his, and if it’s on a website, it must be true. Some people remain utterly convinced.


I deduced long ago that Frank is a river… READ MORE