by Eric Alan

September 12, 2020

Some days during this pandemic, it seems like the world has a giant “closed” sign hung upon it. Borders and doors have slammed shut, as travel has become unwise or impossible. Businesses are shuttered on main streets and side streets. Friends remain in their houses, protecting their health and that of their families. Our small-town community can’t gather in the ways that has made it strong. When my mother passed away in… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

September 05, 2020

I am hanging in space in a moment of perfect stillness, no resistance, suspended between my launch point and my destination.

The point after my in-breath and before my out-breath. 

There is no rushing.  

I have no influence; I am at the mercy of the wind, the air temperature and the sun. 

I sit in time, with the perfect silence broken by the intermittent flame over my shoulder.  



by Eric Alan

August 08, 2020

In times as tumultuous as these, it’s easy to feel like water over rocks: tumbling, crashing, cascading without control onto whatever hard landing waits below. Most people I know have had moments of that feeling, this year. Perspective is elusive. Plans are always made with a caveat; an overriding “if” that reflects uncertainty about what even the next hours will bring.


That’s a hard way to live, even if… READ MORE