by Eric Alan

June 12, 2021

A silhouette of a man is often in my memory, as I walk the ocean shore. It’s been a couple of years since I saw him, and we never directly interacted. Yet I can’t forget him. He was at the edge of the waves with a metal detector, seeking treasure. He reminded me of a fisherman, of the type who really don’t care if they ever catch a fish, as long as they connect with the water, the wild outdoors, the contemplative slowness… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

May 22, 2021

When the lights come back on

Everything plunges into darkness. For the first few minutes, I am disoriented.

Slowly, the family emerges, one by one, around the kitchen table. Candles are lit, a game is found, a cosy blanket covers two of us, a bag of chips gets passed around. 

The intimacy of candle light. We sit close to one another, our faces barely lit. The light softens our… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

May 08, 2021

It’s increasingly difficult to determine what is real, as we filter our perceptions ever more through screens and machines. It can be confusing, though it isn’t always bad. Magic is often newly artful, as the stunning array of recent digital images can attest. I celebrate the wild new creative possibilities.


I also celebrate the humility of accepting that we’re always in the realm of unknowing.… READ MORE