Barbara Poelstra Kinback

“Pieces of who I was
into who I am;
Shards shaping into prisms
casting arcs of soul-fire
into who I will be;
I am a kaleidoscope
of all the versions
of myself
I was
and am
and will become.”
― L.R. Knost

I fell in love with this poem as I looked for something that was a fit for my photo...I found that I celebrate all the pieces that I am...the pieces that were, the ones that are and the ones that will So many prisms of light shining from the kaleidoscopic versions of me that have been formed by the experiences of my life creating the me I was, the me I am today and the me I will be. The light of each transition that has changed who I am and formed a newer version of me. This is life, this is living and I will continue changing and growing until I complete this, my lifetime, and my soul moves into spirit. What a glorious realization and celebration of what’s right!