Melissa Knight

A candid yet powerful connection without one word spoken...
SHE is 99 years... and SHE isn't far behind in age.
SHE has Alzheimer's... while SHE is doing fairly well.
Both are related through marriage because HER daughter married HER son a long, time ago. They became friends.
The beautiful woman who has Alzheimer's was looking off in the distance, mostly withdrawn; sitting in her chair, and waiting patiently, not saying a word. Then, she saw her "friend" walking onto the deck. She immediately perked up and smiled so broadly. They both smiled. Neither spoke; just kept looking into each other's eyes. The one sat down and reached out her hand to the other and helped her friend hold her hand. They then held hands during the entire session. Randomly and often, both smiled at each other. Sometimes they giggled. Still, no words. That instant connection with their eyes and smile was loud and clear; Love and compassion, and long lasting friendship roared loudly. Enough said.