by Eric Alan

March 10, 2022

When I was a kid, I loved drawing the skeletons of trees, having discovered the grace of bare branches and trunks. They take no wrong turns. One little branch simply leads to the next, yet a beautiful pattern emerges. Each tree’s shape is unique yet consistent in how it forms. Even as a small child, I could mimic patterns of trees with a simple black pen, and watch growth emerge into character. I couldn’t predict or plan… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

February 26, 2022

*** Dance like nobody’s watching ***

This used to be my motto.

I’ve leaned on it when I’ve needed courage and freedom in all areas of my life, including dance; a passion that I have now limited to the impromptu dance parties in my kitchen, where I can be free to really let go and enjoy the movement.

I needed the motto because my fear of judgement, of not “getting it right… READ MORE


by Eric Alan

February 12, 2022

What a time it has been, and still is. If winter is a time of dormancy, why is chaos growing so profusely? Shouldn’t it also be resting under snow? There’s a time for hibernation, and this is it.


I embrace winter. I wouldn’t feel complete or refreshed without it. I love the season of stillness, the chance to go inwards, the reflection and creativity that annually results. Yet by winter’s end, darkness… READ MORE