by Tania Carriere

November 01, 2020

I feel I’ve done something wrong.

My normal response to most questions - celebrating the holidays?... ...shall we go for a walk tomorrow? the business hanging in there?... is a quick scan and a definitive answer. 

These days, however, I am heard uttering uncertainty. 

I don’t know” is a definite blip in the system. 

The reverberations fill me with… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

October 03, 2020

Bedtime was the same every night on Molokai. Unhurried on this island in the middle of nowhere, I lay under the stars fighting to keep my eyes open to drink in one more ounce of their presence. In the profound silence, the disconnection from civilization, I was mesmerized by the vastness of the sky, charmed by the glitter of light; each twinkle a nod from a patient, ever-listening lover.

Such a calm comes over me… READ MORE


by Tania Carriere

September 05, 2020

I am hanging in space in a moment of perfect stillness, no resistance, suspended between my launch point and my destination.

The point after my in-breath and before my out-breath. 

There is no rushing.  

I have no influence; I am at the mercy of the wind, the air temperature and the sun. 

I sit in time, with the perfect silence broken by the intermittent flame over my shoulder.