Lynette Sheppard

What I celebrate... in no particular order:

sunsets, bubbles, clean clothes, cat hair, cuddling with my spouse, Jimmy Buffett, Kindle books, time to read, rain showers, Thrity Umrigar, hula classes, eggs for dinner, found objects, butterflies, my iPhone, painted wine glasses, my iPad, the app store, pillows, hanging with friends, my Menopause Goddess group,, waves, afternoon walks, digital photography, the Grand Canyon, Scrabble games, my iRobot heavy duty pet vacuum, hats, plumeria blossoms, granite boulders, chocolate, fresh fish, American Idol, shells, hot baths, hot coffee, Haida art, fiction.

Lynette received her RN from Michael Reese Nursing School and her art education from San Francisco Art Institute. Author of “The Big M” and “The Everyday Enneagram” books, she also writes three popular blogs: Menopause Goddess, The Everyday Enneagram and iPhone Diva. She lives in Molokai Hawaii and Lake Tahoe with husband Dewitt, dog Mele, and cats Po and Frankie.